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    Friday, September 28, 2001
     Arx Element of the Week 8 - Elenkis - 6:55:09 AM EST
RPGDot have put up the 8th in their series of weekly Arx elements in collaboration with Fishtank. This week focuses on the Freeze Spell.
The Freeze spell is effectively used in combat situations. You can cast this spell during a fight and the enemy will be temporarily locked in a block of ice. Once your opponent is frozen and therefore unable to move, you have enough time to cast an strong offensive spell to finish him off. If the enemy is too strong, this spell gives you also the time to flee from combat since the opponent can't follow you immediately.
Thanks guys!

    Friday, September 21, 2001
     Ultima 1 Reborn News - Elenkis - 10:53:57 AM EST
The guys behind the Ultima 1: Reborn remake have updated their site with some new goodies. They reveal some more details about the story, as well as a piece of concept art and a new landscape shot.

    Arx Element of the Week 7 - Elenkis - 10:46:54 AM EST
Week 7 of RPGDot's Arx Element feature is here! This week the focus is on the Flying Eye spell.
When cast, a magic eye is created with which you can fly around and explore the area. Once active, the spell draws an small amount of mana permently until the player runs out of his magical resource or deactivates the spell. The more negative aspect of this spell is that your character is extremely vulnerable to attacks while you are flying around. So you better look for a safe place to hide before you cast this spell.
The feature also has some nice screenshots of the spell in action.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2001
    The Music of Ultima Underworld - Dan - 1:08:58 PM EST
If you've never downloaded my remastered Ultima Underworld 1/2 mp3s (alterations of the original midis) then please do so now. The TTLG Music section is now back online! Also there you may find a set of mp3s recorded straight from the unedited midis, on the same sound device they were created on. That's authenticity I'm talking about now.

Due to the immaculate intervention of one Jason L Tibbitts the Third, the TTLG Jukebox is now finally, rightfully, open for jukeboxing, and such. Yes, the music shall flow once again! Something to make you smile I hope, or maybe even dance a little. Can you dance to Thief music? ... I'll try later.

If you want to send Jason some hugs, kisses, candy, marriage proposals, etc, send them to For flames, threats of torture by malnutrition, or the like, email me. Actually I meant mail me if you find any errors ... please don't make flames. I burn easy.

So ... how would you like your fries? (That's a link to the Jukebox.)

    Tuesday, September 18, 2001
    Arx Fatalis Interview and Screenshots - Dan - 10:03:20 AM EST
There is a very good new interview on Arx posted on Blue Monday. This interview says alot of neat things, plus offers a set of totally new screenshots (not just old stuff from new angles). Thank you, Blue Monday. :)

    Friday, September 14, 2001
    Arx Element of the Week 6 - Elenkis - 1:48:47 AM EST
That time of the week comes again. Taking a break from the NPC races, this week the RPGDot Arx Element focuses on one of the early spells to be learned in the game - Magic Missile.
Magic missile can be best described as an offensive spell, which you can cast to get rid off your enemies or to destroy breakable objects. To eliminate potential threats with this spell over a distance is a much more safer way than facing an enemy in close combat. When cast, projectiles consisting of magical energy will hit the target, causing damage or even death. These magic projectiles will explode on impact.
Thanks guys!

    Monday, September 10, 2001
     Ultima 5 Remake Interview - Elenkis - 1:48:45 AM EST
The guys at PlanetDungeonSiege have done an interesting interview with U5: Lazarus composer Salanthalas Quel’thas about the music and sound effects that will feature in the remake. Here's a peek:
PDS: What type of music can we expect from U5: Lazarus?

The music will be high quality; fully orchestrated fantasy themes inspired from the original Ultima series of games. An example of the music can be heard in the teaser trailer that can be found as a flash intro or download from the Lazarus web site.

PDS: Will the music from the original Ultima 5 be used?

The music themes from the original Ultima 5 will be used, but they will be re-mastered and enhanced. The original themes only had up to 4 voices, while the re-orchestrated themes can contain 16 or more different instruments, and up to 64 or more voices being played simultaneously.

     Underworld Remake Demo - Elenkis - 12:05:22 AM EST
Twister Software have updated their Underworld 1 and 2 Remake site with a couple of nice screenshots from the UW2 project and best of all a demo that allows you walk up to the top of the castle!
The demo is now uploaded and ready for downloading, duo to a technical reason with the engine we have blocked off the left part of the castle and had to remove a bit of detail from the map. But don't worry this won't affect the final game. Go and download it now. Its only 5Mb.

    Friday, September 07, 2001
     Donation System Up! - Saam - 8:02:02 PM EST
Hi folks, I have some good news -- rather, it's not really "good" news, since we are pretty much forced to do this, but at any rate -- the TTLG Donation page is now available for your viewing and donating) pleasure. The page gives an overall summary of the situation, and the basic directions of how to exactly donate to TTLG.

If you feel like making a contribution to help keep the safety of TTLG intact, then go ahead and visit the page. As always, we appreciate everything you readers have done for us, and every penny is very much obliged. Thanks!

Update: I have updated the Donations page with information on how to send payments via mail, if can't pay with credit card (or if you want to pay by check/money order).

Also, you can post your comments and thoughts on this thread on the forums. Thanks!

     McGee's New Gig - Dan - 9:27:31 AM EST
If you liked Alice as much as I did (If there was going to be an Alice 2, then this site would be covering it) they you may be interested to know that the site for McGee's new studio is up and active. Click here for Carbon 6.

In case you did not know, Rogue, the makers of Alice and the former gig of McGee was shut down, because EA is a bunch of vicious bastards.

The concept art on the page seems to be pointing in a direction I like. Dorothy? Here’s hoping. ;)

    Thursday, September 06, 2001
     Ultima 4 Remake Interview - Elenkis - 11:54:45 PM EST
Another of the classic Ultima games is set to undergo a remake. This time we have Ultima 4: The Dawn of Virtue, an ambitious attempt to remake the original Ultima 4 with a brand new, self-made engine.
Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue will use prerendered isometric graphics, in a manner similar to the Baldur's Gate series of games by Interplay. The game will feature a symphonic soundtrack, with both new themes and appearances by original Ultima themes. See the media page for screenshots, concept art, and music samples. Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue will support both Windows and Linux.
TechDragon over at UO Stratics recently had the chance to interview the projects main man - Jaakko Peltonen. The interview gives a good amount of the info about the project, so check it out right here

    Arx Element of the Week 5 - Elenkis - 11:40:14 PM EST
Week 5 of RPGDot's Arx Element feature is up on their site! This week the focus is on the dangerous zealots of the Priests of Akbaa cult.
The priests of Akbaa are not necessarily evil, but they are convinced that Akbaa will bring the sun back on Arx. They pray for him and sacrifice humans to hollow his name. They are strong and therefore dangerous believers, who follow their leader, the high priest Lord Iserbius, blindly. Their rituals are forbidden by the kingdom of Arx because the king believes in its own religion (close to our Christian religion). That’s the reason why the temples and rituals are kept secret (by the way: one of the temples is located under the Tavern of Arx). Most of the members of the cult of Akbaa are simple minded people. Before they joined the cult, some of them were dissidents or just ordinary citizens of Arx.

     Now That's What I'm Talkin' About! - Dan - 9:18:31 PM EST
These new screens from GameSpot are just too good to pass up! :)

Beware my Magic!
Black and White uses a similar, less sophisticated system, and I must say, it beats all. Will I play a mage the first time around in Arx? You better belive it!

Evil Red-Eye the Rat-Fink
I am gonna say it right now - every last mother-lovin one of these disgusting critters is going to meat the business end of a fire-ball. I'll see to that, belive you me.

George the Tan Goblin
"Uh say mistah ... uhm ... duh yuh think yuh could spare some bread for me poor tummy? Aye ... eh ... cuz ifin ya don't, I'll uh ... be sad ... n' stuff." ;)

Move over Annah
Sorry Annah, looks like your status as you-know-what is going to be in jeopardy. ;) Her tale is better then yours! Na ha ha!! And she has a sister! Actually she has lots of them. ;)

Old friend?
Rawstag? Is that you? Buddy! Pal! It is you isn't it! I've missed you so much! Yes, please, call me Rodregus!

Someone's Ex
Yes, I know you and I use to be a thing ... but ... that was a long time ago and ... I had hoped that we would both move on. Uh ... why are you getting that look in your eye? Err ... eyes.

Identity Crisis
This is either a really evil and horrible monster from the pits of hell, or a really wise and wonderful sage who sends you on a quest to retrieve his most favoritest thing in the world! .... or it's just a big snail.

In Another Life ...
Yes sir, I'll ask Garrett to stay far, far away. Don't you worry. Yup. ;)

We've Come Home
If you are a true UW fan, this image should make you cry with joy. Well, think about crying with joy anyway. Yes, soon, we will be home again. :)

     Give Us Love Baby, Give Us Love! - BackDoorBandit - 1:05:30 PM EST
Gamespot has posted up a little info. about Arx in their recent coverage of the ECTS. It's not anything new, at least not to us that are following the progress of the game, but they do supply us with some new screenies. Here's a blurb from the Gamespot coverage.

Arx Fatalis is designed to appeal to fans of the Ultima Underworld games, and it uses a first-person perspective and an onscreen magic system. The single-player storyline takes players into an underground medieval fantasy world filled with goblins, trolls, and ratmen.

The game will feature more than eight distinct races, a gesture-based magic system with more than 50 spells, and a nonlinear storyline that will take approximately 50 hours to complete. In addition, the game will include several multiplayer modes.

They had a tad bit more to say, but nothing of importance. In case you don't believe me though, you can see their full coverage right here.

    Tuesday, September 04, 2001
    More Ultima Remakes! - Saam - 8:31:27 PM EST
Yep, you heard right. Seems like the Ultima fan site Fans for Ultima (appropriately named) has gotten word of several new Ultima remakes, one of which we already know -- our beloved Ultima Underworld 1 & 2. Go ahead and visit their site, it looks interesting. Who knows, maybe a few of you can lend a helping hand or something!

Wow.. these nice remakes and now Jane's Attack Squadron is being released.. the time for LG fans couldn't be better! Thanks to Voodooextreme for the news.