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    Thursday, May 29, 2003
    Arx 2 & Arx Xbox Article on RPG Player - Dan - 7:24:04 PM EST
Thanks to a news post on RPGDot, I was made aware of an Arx article on RPG Player. Here's a bit:
At first it was quite a challenge to transfer the PC control system.on the x-box pad. When the job was done, we understood that we could do it in a different way for the PC version too, avoiding the sepearation between the interactivity and pre-look. I can announce that we will use this new technique for Arx 2, too.
Sounds like they had a similar experience to what ION went through to bring Deus Ex to the PS2. Welp, here's hoping that Arx Xbox sells plenty, and they get a publisher for Arx 2 soon. Eik!

    Tuesday, May 06, 2003
     The Scoop on Arx 2! - Dan - 3:17:44 PM EST
I managed to persuade Raf, the project director for Arx 1 and 2, to spill a little info on Arx 2, which will be shown behind closed doors at E3. Here's what he had to say....
  • There will be a second school of magic to learn and use.
  • The game will take place in the past, while the people of Arx were still living on the surface.
  • The game will put more emphasis on stealth and action, to make it as fun to play a warrior or a thief as it was to play a wizard.
  • There will be branching conversations, done sort of like in Deus Ex 1. At key points in a conversation, you may be given two different options of what to say.
  • The overcomplicated stats system has been reworked. For example, strength is on a scale of 1 to 5, lockpicking skill will either be beginner or advanced.
  • Backstabbing is an on/off skill - you're either a serial killer or you're not.
  • Many combat skills have been added (such as the aforementioned backstabbing).
  • The look of your character will change depending on your skills. For example, the face of a warrior will become more square-jawed.
  • There will be a physics system, which will allow for breakable materials, much more realistic jumping, and a push/pull system, which allows the player to select a large object, and walk around and it will be pushed or pulled along with you.
  • The rendering system will feature a mix of light maps, bump (normal maps), per pixel lighting, real-time shadowing, specular, etc...
He also told me, basically, that they've listened to alot of feedback, and are trying to fix things people didn't like, make sure the things we did like are still there, and add things we wished the game had. Discuss!