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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007
    Japanese Ultima Underworld - Dan - 3:40:53 PM EST
This is one news post I didn't expect to ever be making. Today (well, yesterday actually, details...) I learned that there was a Japanese version of Underworld 1 released for the original playstation years ago. TheOutrider was kind enough to provide some screenshots and information in this thread
  • the framerate and resolution are very nice
  • the controls aren't
  • there's an FMV intro, high-quality music and some nice sound effects, including echoing footsteps in large rooms
  • the enemies have been replaced with rather ugly polygon renditions

    Other than that, the game itself seems to be exactly the same. Except for the fact that everything's in Japanese.

  • I've brightened some of the shots for your viewing pleasure. You can find the originals as well as some commentary in the thread linked to above. Thanks again, TheOutrider!