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    Wednesday, February 20, 2002
    Arx Element of the Week 23 - Elenkis - 10:38:45 AM EST
Woo, a new Arx element is up over at RPGDot! This week the feature takes a look at the undead creatures found in the game and includes shots of several different types.
Arx, as a lot of cities and kingdoms, has its own cemetary where people bury their friends, lovers, parents and so on. In this case, the cemetary is actually a crypt, where different architectural styles can be found. But the crypt is no longer this quiet and peaceful place where deads can rest in peace and the living can honor them respectfully. Now this place is haunted with blasphemous creatures such as zombies, mummies and liches.

    Friday, February 15, 2002
    Arx Interview on Gamespy - Dan - 3:29:05 PM EST
Gamespy's Arx site did an interview with Raf about the game. It touches on some of the thievery aspects of the game, mentioning shoplifting and pickpocketing, among other things.

     Vote on the Arx Fatalis Box Art - Dan - 1:48:46 PM EST
Arkane/Fishtank were kind enough (smart enough ;) to ask TTLG to vote on the Arx Fatalis box cover (actually, I suggested it :) ... so we are presented with two choices.

Go here to vote.

Update: We modified the choices, and added two more.

    Sunday, February 10, 2002
     TTLG's Second Arx Preview - Dan - 10:12:40 PM EST
Through the benevolence of Arkane Studios, I am please to present TTLG's second Hands on Preview of Arx Fatalis.

This is a follow up to the first preview, where a beta tester introduced us all to the gameplay of Arx Fatalis. The second preview talks about the improvements to the game since the last writing. Here's a bit:

More NPC animations are in the game, now. I watched a goblin as he scratched himself in various places. He scratched his armpit, sniffed his fingers, and then tasted. Then he picked his nose, and ate it too. He's a mouth breather, with his slack jaw hanging loose, raising and lowering as he takes breaths. As I sat and watched him for a minute or two, I kept seeing...
Here's another bit:
Much of the clipping problems that occurred before during fighting while crouched (the player's arms often passed right through the legs) have been fixed. The walk while crouched animation was changed so that your knees no longer are within range of your arms. It's not as realistic, but it certainly looks better, and is much less distracting. All of the player's body movements have been...
Okay? Go read it. :)

The preview also includes a set of four character images (nothing we have not seen before) and a set of all-new gameplay screenshots.

P.S. -> Discuss