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    Sunday, December 01, 2002
    New UWAdv Release - Darkwarrior - 1:39:33 PM EST
The team developing Underworld Adventures has let me know that their new version, "rotworm stew," has been released! Here's a snippet on what you can expect in the new build of UWAdv:
This release of Underworld Adventures (named "rotworm stew") has a lot of new features inside: Looking at objects in the underworld was added, NPC and critter sprites are rendered now (no animation yet), added mouse movement, custom key mappings, visiting more of the underworld (via some cheat keys), a rewritten collision detection and fixed midi playback and manual pages for Linux.
You can visit their website and get UWAdv here.

Looks pretty cool to me!

    Arx Blooper Files - Dan - 8:40:18 AM EST
Raf from Arkane has sent in a pair of goofy mp3s featuring some of their voice actors acting pretty goofy. It's more than a set of bloopers... it's them poking fun at their and other characters. ;)
  • Track 1
  • Track 1