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    Wednesday, November 27, 2002
    Secret Runes in Arx Fatalis - Dan - 9:56:39 PM EST
RPGDot posted a page which contains screenshots of a large number of "secret" runes in the game. Apparently these can be used without obtaining rune stones, but other than that, I am not sure how they are to be used (maybe each one has it's own secret effect?).

I do know, however, that the UW rune puts you into "Ultima Underworld" mode, where all the textures are blurred to look like they are from 1991. :)

    Neverwinter Expansion Official - Dan - 9:50:46 PM EST
This press release was released today. This just makes the news from yesterday official. :)

Hopefully they will take notice of us and send us some news. :)

    Floodgate teams with Bioware - Dan - 8:22:31 AM EST
Floodgate Entertainment, a group comprised by many ex-LGS folks (including Paul Neurath, who was LGS before LGS was LGS) has begun work with Bioware Studios on an expansion campaign to Neverwinter Nights. GameSpot is the first to bring us this exiting news. Here's a blurb:
Paul Neurath: Well, we're really not trying to change the game so much as expand it. The initial Neverwinter Nights game covers a lot of ground, but even so, the Forgotten Realms is an amazingly rich fantasy world. Most everyone who's played Neverwinter Nights has a favorite monster, spell, or weapon that they'd like to see added to the game. So what we're doing with the Shadows of Undrentide expansion is adding a stack of new material and then building a new campaign to show it all off. The biggest additions would have to be the three new tilesets we've cooked up, a winter version of the rural tileset, plus a new desert and ruins tileset.
Read the whole story.

    Friday, November 22, 2002
     Arx Reviews - Darkwarrior - 9:40:23 PM EST
There have been several reviews of Arx Fatalis in the past few days, and they all seem to be pretty underscored (and, of course, the GameSpy reviewer complained about compwex pwuzzles...;). Then again, I am a little biased.

Gamespot - 8.4 of 10
Gamespy - 75%
TechTV - 4 of 5

It surprises me how much Arx has been ignored by the media. But it will definitely hold me over till Thief III! :)

     Arx Patch v1.15 Released! - Darkwarrior - 3:05:10 PM EST
Arkane Studios has just released the latest patch for Arx Fatalis! The new version, 1.15, adds a new on screen mini-map option, loading and saving time optimizations and bug fixes. A full detail on the patch is available here.

You can get the German, French and English patches from the official website, or from 3D Gamers for a speedier download.

Many thanks to Arkane for taking the time to develop this new patch!

    Friday, November 15, 2002
    Upcomming Arx Patch Adds New Features - Dan - 8:33:03 AM EST
It's always nice when a patch actually adds features rather than fixes broken ones. The upcoming Arx patch does both. It will:

  • Add a mini map that can be switched on/off. This map will stay on-screen while playing, so you don't have to open your book anymore to see the map. There is a screenshot to show what this will look like.

  • Add a new option to allow the player to put toggle mode on the magic/stealth mode so, for instance, you don't have to hold the "control" key to stay in the magic mode.

  • Finally the patch will fix some quest bugs and optimize the loading/saving process of the game.

    Sounds great! Now if only we could get a fix that lets us make notes on our map. :)

  •     Wednesday, November 13, 2002
        Digital Nightfall's review of Arx Fatalis - Dan - 6:45:46 AM EST
    Click here to read the review. I really liked the game, but was also tough on it. Click the link to see for yourself.

        Friday, November 08, 2002
        RPGDot's Arx Fatalis Guide - Dan - 8:54:50 AM EST
    This guide will be updated shortly with additional installments. As of now, it contains:

  • Part 1 of a 3 part walkthrough
  • Maps of levels 1-4
  • Guides to skills, weapons, and armor.

    Check it out on

  •     Arx Showing Up - Dan - 8:51:28 AM EST
    Some Arx sightings:

  • Confirmed on shelf at EB in Salem, NH USA.
  • GAME uk has copies in stock for sale on the 8th.
  • I've heard tell that it will be in Canada on the 10th.

  •     UW2 Remake Website Update - Dan - 8:46:23 AM EST
    A new site, with new screenshots, and more info. The site has been moved to sourceforge, and it looks like lots of progress has been made. It also looks like the author is using Ultima 9 creatures (note the gazer). Interesting choice. Good luck with the project, Marc!

        Wednesday, November 06, 2002
        Arx showing up - Dan - 1:53:49 PM EST
    I've heard that Arx has been showing up in stores. If you see a copy in your area, write to us and let us know, so we can keep tabs on where the game has been released for our readership.

        Underworld Morrowind Mod Beta - Dan - 1:52:54 PM EST
    Go here to find out more. Looks like the levels are 100% built, but not much else. They're looking for people (with morrowind, natch) to download and try their mod out, and give feedback.

        Sunday, November 03, 2002
        Underworld 2 Remake Website - Dan - 9:18:46 AM EST
    Ultima Underworld 2 is being treated to a remake, as seen on the project's website. It looks like they plan on keeping the level design exactly the same, but upgrading the sprites to 3D objects, as well as some of the textures. Very interesting. Keep an eye on this one.

         Arx Reviews X2 - Dan - 8:05:27 AM EST
    Arx has gained two new reviews in the past days. One is from Computer and Video Games, giving the game the score of 83 out of 100. The reviewer in this case seems confused - s/he says that combat consists of "see enemy, click mouse," and this is simply untrue. Maybe this reviewer is playing some version of the game other than myself? Considering that may be the case, I suggest we take into account this error on his part, and raise this review score to ... oh... more like a 93 out of 100. :D

    The second review is at TechTV, and they are very positive, giving the game a score of 4 our of 5 stars (though technically, this score is actually lower than the score of 83 given above... go figure). Erm, right. Good reviews, both of them. Beware of spoilers, though.

         Arx Patched - Dan - 7:55:25 AM EST
    Arx Fatalis has been patched again, this time brining it to version 1.14. The patch fixes many things - I don't recommend reading the list of fixes because there are spoilers present - such as, oh, the game not running at all. :)

    But yes, for those of you who have managed to find the game already (or everyone who has the French/German versions) the patch is here... enjoy the improvements.