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    Friday, November 16, 2001
    Arx Element Number 15 - Dan - 11:14:58 AM EST
Today RPGDot is serving up screens and info on The Crypt. As I understand it, based on my many conversations with Arx's design lead, this romp through undead-infested halls is none other then a nod to the Tombs of Ultima Underworld 1, and the Haunted Cathedral of Thief 1. Go read up. :)

    Wednesday, November 14, 2001
    Arx Element Numbah 14 - Dan - 3:58:36 PM EST
The newest Arx Report at RPGDot shows off the Human Guard Post. I'll let you click on the link and view the info and screenshots. :)

    Ultima Remake News - Dan - 3:54:29 PM EST
Two new screenshots and a new site design grace Peroxid's promotion of their Ultima 1 remake. Possibly most impressive, however, is this character model and skin of an NPC. Nice work! :) Their image archive is right here.

Seems also that Exult, the excellent port of Ultima 7 Black Gate and Serpet Isle (and Silver Seed, and Forge of Virtue) shall be going into beta soon. Their regulary updated website explains more. :) Oh, and I belive most Ultima fans will tell you that Ultima 7 is far more worthy of your time then Ultima 9. ;)

    Sunday, November 04, 2001
    Arx Element of the Week 13 - Elenkis - 10:39:40 PM EST
Our friends over at RPGDot bring us their latest regular Arx Element feature, this time the showpiece is the grand Human city of Arx.
Among the places you should pay a visit is a jewelry (owned by Tafiok) and a shop in which Maria sells miscellaneous goods and potions. You can also find a healer named Kacel Bem in the city. He sells various spells. If you look for a place to buy weapons and armors then you should look for Miguel. He should have a nice selection of chests, helmets and so on. And of course there are also the private flats of different other people. Guards patrol the streets to prevent crime and to make sure that everyone is safe.
This week the feature is accompanied by a whopping 11 screenshots, go take a look!