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    Wednesday, October 27, 2004
    Underworld Creation Kit - Dan - 2:18:29 PM EST
Fascinatingly, UltimaDot (of RPGDot) has unleashed an Underworld Game Creation Kit. This program is not only meant to let you play Ultima Underworld on modern PCs, but is a modding utility for creating similarly styled games.
UGCK is an attempt of creating an old-school RPG engine capable of running games similar to the classic Ultima Underworld games. This release ships with a game module that tries to re-implement the original UW1 game, using as much original data as possible. The module is not complete at this time and it is not possible to play the game as such.
Underworld 1 is playable, but not yet winnable, with the system. What they're offering at the moment is a demo of the software. A complete version should be available eventually. :)