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    Wednesday, October 30, 2002
    Arx Delayed Again? - Dan - 12:33:59 AM EST
Blah... so the reports say. You know what, this is all just too confusing. This is what you gotta do - call your local retailer, and ask them when the game is due to get in. That can give you a far better answer than internet news can. If you have the game on preoder... then just sit tight, and pray it will get here soon.

A shame... woulda been perfect if it came out on Halloween.. but it still may.

    Wednesday, October 23, 2002
    New UR1 Screenshots - Darkwarrior - 8:27:16 PM EST
Went looking for some remake news today, and found myself speechless.

Check out that pixel-shaded water!

Take a look at these screenshots from Ultima I: Reborn's next release.

I can't stop looking at them. Show the UR1 team your support and register at their forum!

    Tuesday, October 22, 2002
     Arx Previews and Reviews - Elenkis - 6:25:11 PM EST
Arx is almost upon us now, a matter of days in fact! I apologise for slipping a little with the news recently, real life has a habit of getting in our way sometimes.

Anyway, I have finally updated the appropriate sections with a whole bunch of English previews and all of the reviews that have come in from Germany and France over the past weeks. It certainly seems like the game has been well received in Europe and so far only one review scored the game below 80%!

Let's hope the good reviews keep coming in and be sure to pick up your copy on the 31st :)

    Monday, October 21, 2002
     Official Release Dates for Arx - Dan - 12:36:06 PM EST
I got the official release dates, straight from Arkane:

  • US: October 31st
  • UK: November 1st

    All I can say is, make sure you have your $40 saved up!

    I am trying to promote Arx on the TTLG forums. Share with me your ideas how to do that, here.

  •     Friday, October 18, 2002
        New US & UK Box Art Designs - Dan - 8:56:02 PM EST
    Read about it here, on the forums, as posted by addlink. It's wierd how they put the press quotes right on the front like that, but I guess it makes sense. The UK Box looks more like the BACK of the box to me... odd. I like the new US design, even though it doesn't really indicate much what the game is about, like the German/French box does.

    I don't like the UK Box. I'll give the US one a thumbs up though.

        Monday, October 14, 2002
        Sweet! Arx on Blues News! - Dan - 9:43:59 AM EST
    Check out Blues News. This week the site is sporting an awesome Arx Fatalis themed logo. We really appreciate this. :)

        Sunday, October 13, 2002
        French Arx Demo - Elenkis - 7:16:53 AM EST
    I'm sure any French readers have all rushed out to buy the full game already. But in case you still need some convincing then Arkane and JoWood have released a French demo of the game just for you.

         Underworld Remake Chat Session - Elenkis - 7:04:53 AM EST
    James Lewis of Twisted Labs (those cool guys behind the Ultima Underworld remake project) has written to inform us of a chat session they would like all fans to attend. Here are the details from the man himself:
    There wil be a chat session with the development team at Twusted Labs on Saturday 19 october at 11GMT(noon BST, 13h CET, 6am CST, 3am PST, I think)

    It will be on QuakeNet in #twistedlabs

    The public will get an opertunaty to ask us questions about the remakes and our 3D Engine, as well as giving us suggestions about new features.

    Be sure to attend and show the guys your support :)

        Gamespot First Impressions - Elenkis - 6:57:22 AM EST
    GameSpot have got their hands on Arx and posted their first impressions yesterday. They definitely seem to have liked what they've seen and ended with the following summary:
    We'd be quick to admit that we've enjoyed the time we've spent with Arx Fatalis so far. Thus we recommend that players fond of the Ultima Underworld series, as well as first-person role-playing games such as System Shock 2 or Deus Ex, should definitely keep an eye out for this one when it's released in about a week. We'll have a full review soon, but for now, take a look at these impressive screenshots and movies of the game in action. And turn the volume up for those movies to better get a sense of the game's audio.
    Not much longer to wait now!

        Tuesday, October 08, 2002
        TTLGear is here!! - MsLedd - 11:24:13 PM EST
    Yes, that's right... The very first edition of the much-anticipated Official TTLGear is now available for purchase at the TTLG Online Store.

    People have been screaming about it for months, and it's finally here! The first TTLGear design item is a high-quality T-shirt. Depending upon interest and positive feedback, we will add other items to the list of available "Stuff".

    You wanted it, now GO GET IT! Be the first on your block to sport the latest in L33T-ware, let the world know that "Everything Else Is Ass".
    (oh and support TTLG)

    Kudos to Gingerbread Man for the AWESOME flagship design!!