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    Monday, January 13, 2003
     Ultima I: Reborn Name Change - Darkwarrior - 10:58:09 PM EST
Peroxide has changed the name of its highly anticipated Ultima remake to Era. It has also undergone some changes, most notably the fact that it is no longer a remake of the popular roleplaying series. The dev team, however, has stated that Era will be made as a tribute to Ultima. Here's the official quote on that:

The game is a tribute to the Ultima series but is not affiliated with Ultima.

Ultima was developed by Richard Garriott and Origin and is now owned by Electronic Arts. This project is inspired by the Ultima series to be sure, and is hoped to have the same level of immersion and adventure found in the best of the Ultima series.

There you have it. You can check out Era's new website here.